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​​​We hold regular Residents’ meetings & we encourage relatives to attend these meetings. They offer an ideal opportunity for residents & family members alike to express any concerns or suggest any  improvements that could be made.


Of course if there are urgent matters or personal issues to be addressed, in relation to a resident's wellbeing, we will make direct contact with the relevant person, at the most appropriate time, depending on the issue at hand. 

Communication - FAQs 

​In the event of a resident, relative or other person being concerned or unsatisfied with the level of care provided, we have a complaints procedure in place to deal with this matter.

The staff and management of Oak View Nursing Home aim to deal with any issue/concern or complaint efficiently, promptly and with a non-biased approach.


All issues/concerns or complaints will be investigated fully and a full report will be given to the resident, relative or other concerned person.


Our staff are bound by confidentiality clauses.

For full details of the

Complaints Procedure please call Geraldine on 049 952 2630 or email:

We welcome your suggestions & feedback about ways in which we

can improve & enrich residents’ overall care. In order to execute best practices, we continually review & refine our services, so as to satisfy resident choice wherever possible.


There are a number of ways in which you can share your views/ participate in the consultation process:

(a) Residents meetings are held on a regular basis. All residents are invited to participate and we also encourage relatives to attend.

(b) If you have individual comments/ concerns which you wish to raise privately, then please feel free to speak with or write to any member

of staff or management.

(c) Alternatively you may prefer to use our ‘Comments Box’ which is located at Reception

(d) Residents may also nominate a family member, friend or advocate to act on their behalf.

(Permissions will be sought from all parties concerned)

How & when are relatives informed of resident’s wellbeing/issues?

How can relatives/friends provide feedback or comments to the nursing home?

What if a resident or relative wants to make a complaint?

Oak View is registered with H.I.Q.A. (Health Information & Quality Authority) & is regularly inspected against the ‘National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland’ and the Health Act 2007 (amended), promoting good practices & identifying areas for improvement

Our resident's comfort... your peace of mind​

Oak View Nursing Home

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