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We value our residents and believe that Oak View should be their home away from home, so relatives and friends are welcome to visit anytime.

However the safety of our residents is of equal importance, therefore we do respectfullly request that all visitors use the sign-in book located in the Reception area, both upon entering  the nursing home and sign-out again when leaving. 

The only time we discourage visiting is during meal times (please refer to our notice posted throughout this website & within the physicla building).


The only other times visiting may be restrictedand is during an infectious outbreak.

Visiting & Lifestyle - FAQs 

Residents may leave the premises for day trips etc. with friends & family. 

If you plan to go out for the day, a bite of lunch or indeed to spend a weekend with your friends or relatives, we simply ask that a member of staff is informed before you leave the nursing home. We would also appreciate that you let us know when we should expect to welcome you back. We are more than happy to support such outings.

Holidays can also be facilitated, however please be aware that the resident’s normal fee will still be applicable during the period of absence.

We provide a safe, secure & home-like environment at Oak View. Your loved ones are encouraged to move about freely, both inside & outside, without undue restrictions. 

Where assistance is required, we will be happy to oblige our residents.

We pride ourselves on the safety & security we provide our residents, while still maintaining freedom of movement. 

Door Access and CCTV systems have been installed, covering all external exit routes and some other notable areas of restricted access (such as the kitchen area etc.).

Breakfast is served between 8am & 9am, but this can alter if requested. After Breakfast a Staff member will be available if required, to assist with bathing & dressing. In the later part of the morning there will be a choice of a cup of tea, coffee or a warm cup of soup.

Dinner is usually served between 12.30pm to 2pm in the dining room. Later in the afternoon there will be a trolley serving fruit/juice// tea / coffee & other supplementary drinks.

Our tea-time is generally from 4.30pm to 5.30pm, but again this can alter if requested. Between the hours of 7pm and 8pm supper will be served, with choice of tea/coffee/milk
(warm if preferred), sandwiches/ biscuits & cereals.

We offer various activities (on a voluntary basis, not compulsory), time-tabled during the week. 

Residents are free to use their time in whatever manner they choose (within Nursing Home guidelines, of course)

What is your policy regarding temporary leave?

What is your policy on receiving visitors?

Is there a set daily routine?

Are residents free to roam

the premises?

How do you ensure the security of residents?

Oak View is registered with H.I.Q.A. (Health Information & Quality Authority) & is regularly inspected against the ‘National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland’ and the Health Act 2007 (amended), promoting good practices & identifying areas for improvement

Our resident's comfort... your peace of mind​

Oak View Nursing Home

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