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Oak View is divided into 3 Suites over two floors.

The Sycamore Suite is on the ground floor and accommodates 13 residents.

It has an open-plan feel, with its communal area and a quiet room off the main living area. There is an internal garden which is for the use of all the residents in Sycamore suite. All rooms are single en-suite bedrooms except for one double en-suite bedroom. The Sycamore suite is mainly used for caring for the older person with dementia who has special care needs.

The Elm Suite is also on the ground floor and consists of 5 en-suite bedrooms, one which is a double with en-suite.

The general living area consists of a Living room, Dining Room, Library, Oratory, Hairdressers and Smoking room. All of these rooms are in close proximity to each other. There is also an internal garden located in this suite which can be easily accessed. 

The Willow Suite is located on the 1st floor and consists of 21 single en-suite bedrooms, a dining room and living room which has a quiet room off it. There is a therapeutic bath located on this floor to aid relaxation. 

Services & Facilities - FAQs 

There are various activities available throughout the week. A weekly timetable is available which include arts & crafts, bingo, games, fitness etc.


Residents are free to choose which activities they want to participate in.


What is the accommodation like?

Do you provide any activities? 

Oak View is registered with H.I.Q.A. (Health Information & Quality Authority) & is regularly inspected against the ‘National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People in Ireland’ and the Health Act 2007 (amended), promoting good practices & identifying areas for improvement

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Oak View Nursing Home

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