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Relatives Meeting (Minutes)

Date: 29th May 2017


Attended by: Veronica Clarke, Joe Mc Greevy, Derry Scanlan, Angela Bennett, Finola Gallagher, Joan and Vida Cox and Gemma Hurson

Chairperson: Ger Donohoe

Scribe: Maureen Dennehy

  • Ger welcomed everyone to the meeting.


  • She opened the meeting by informing everyone present about our Nursing Home week and that we had a busy schedule for the coming week. Ger went on to explain in detail the activities arranged for the week.


  • An excursion to the zoo is in the process of being arranged and the finer details will be revealed at a later date. It was explained that last year an outing to the zoo was organised but everyone pulled out so it was then not feasible. Relatives were asked to accompany their loved ones on these trips if at all possible.


  • Ger asked all relatives that when bringing in new clothes to leave them in a bag and hand them to the nurse in charge for labelling.


  • It was explained at the meeting that when relatives wanted to hang personal effects on the wall of the Resident’s room to please notify the staff and they will arrange for that item to be hung with special hooks that don’t damage the walls.


  • New garden features: With donations from families of residents past we are installing some new water features and an activity/potting shed which will be located in Sycamore. This will be completed prior to the end of the summer.


  • Ger explained that there was a new Safe Guarding Policy which was replacing the Elder Abuse Policy. It was pointed out that if there were any issues that Mabel Pollock is our Safeguarding Officer in the nursing home.


  • Relatives were reminded that when taking out their loved ones to let the staff nurse on the floor know.

  • Relatives were asked if there were any issues that they wanted to discuss. Everyone said no. They were then asked if they had any issues with the food. Everyone one said that the food was excellent and well cooked. Veronica said that the laundry service was very good and had no issues. 


  • It was also discussed that we are hoping to open the Sycamore suite door when we get the fire alarm door release, this will mean that the front door will be permanently locked at all times. We will put a notice up to inform everyone when this will take place.

  • Relatives were asked if they thought a support evening for relatives would be beneficial once every two months for people to discuss their issues with each other. The response was that they didn’t feel the need. Angela said ‘we talk to each other most days and talk about things’ and would prefer things as they are.


  • As there was nothing further to discuss the meeting was adjourned.



The next relative’s meeting will be held in October.

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