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Obituaries - December & January

Teresa Corrigan

Passed away 9th December 2015

Teresa was a resident we were all very fond of and her passing in December was felt by residents & staff alike.

Kathleen & Tommy Elliott

Passed away 11th December & 5th January 2016, respectively

Kathleen & her husband Tommy were both residents with us. Originally from Monaghan the couple were very family oriented and loved dancing. Kathleen passed in early December and Tommy’s passing followed just a few weeks later. Our thoughts are with their family.

Christina McDonnell

Passed away 25th December 2015

Christina, who went by the name of ‘Tess’ lived in the heart of Dublin all her life, before coming to us at Oak View for her final years. She passed on Christmas Day.

Jackie Creamer & Brendan Reilly

Both passed away on 19th January

Jackie had been in hospital due to a short illness when she passed. Meanwhile Brendan passed with us here in Oak View peacefully in his bed.

It was an honour for us here at Oak View Nursing Home, to have had the privilege of knowing and caring for these wonderful people. May they all Rest In Peace.

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