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Thank You All...

We had a full week of activities planned for the Easter week at the end of March. There was to be an Easter Party; choir music, religious services & of course musical entertainment.

Well, you know the saying "the best laid plans"...

Unfortunately, the nursing home was hit by a bout of the Norovirus & we had no choice but to close the premises for several days. It was April 7th before we were confident that residents & visitors health would not be at risk by our re-opening.

We totally understand that this closure & visit restrictions was more than a little inconvenient for both our residents & their families who wished to spend time together over the Easter period.

Thank you so much to you all for adhering to the nursing home's infection control measures that were put in place.

As you are aware, infection outbreaks like the Norovirus can have very serious consequences to our residents and in some cases can be fatal. So, thank you for your understanding, patience and co-operation over the Easter period.

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