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Relatives Meeting (Minutes) Date: 31st Jan 2018

Attended by: Catherine, Maureen, Geraldine, & Jennifer (Palliative Care)

Chairperson: Geraldine Donohoe

Scribe: Maureen Dennehy

Due to poor attendance, the meeting was cancelled. However the following notes were topics on the agenda. These were discussed among the staff attending the meeting in the absence of any relatives...

  • Jennifer spoke to Catherine about the 'Meitheal Programme (Partnership in Palliative care with the Older Person)' which we're running in the nursing home.

  • We remind relatives that; when bringing clothes into your loved one, please leave them with a staff member so as we can have them labelled.

  • 'Relative's Survey' will be carried out between Friday 9th - Friday 16th February. Questionnaire's are located at Reception. Completed questionnaires should be left in the comments box located at the front Reception desk.

  • Geraldine Donohoe's (Director of Care) duty hours are Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm. Relatives who wish to discuss matters should contact her to arrange an appointment time.

  • Our Complaints Procedure is posted publically, located on the wall above the comments box at the Reception desk. If you have any concerns, please contact Mabel Pollock (Safeguarding Designated Officer).

  • A new garden shed will be erected just off the Sycamore garden area, where residents will be able to enjoy potting and other outdoor activities. We hope to have the shed completed by early Spring. ​

  • We would welcome any volunteers/helpers who would like to accompany us on Residents Outings. We are currently investigating places to go in 2018 and any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated (NB: dates for future trips will be announced in due course).

  • As of 31st Jan 2018, the door to the Sycamore Suite is open all the time. The front door will be open whenever the front Reception desk is manned, otherwise it shall be locked. If you discover the front door open (whilst Reception is unattended) please inform a member of staff immediately.

  • We implore all relatives to be vigilant and ensure that you do not visit your loved one if you are (or have been) feeling unwell. In particular if you have been suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea, high temperature, chest infection &/or generally having aches & pains. The 'WINTER VOMITING BUG' and 'INFLUENZA' can be fatal to vulnerable persons.

  • Jennifer Richardson had planned to discuss and explain to relatives the 'Meitheal Programme' which has been running in the nursing home. Educational workshops for staff will take place over a 12 week period. Jennifer will be seen in each of our Suites, where she will meet with residents, family members & staff. If you have any queries please ask at Reception or contact Geraldine Donohoe.

  • It is unfortunate that the meeting was poorly attended. We highly recommend that relatives come along to these meetings as it opens up lines of communication between staff and relatives, giving relatives a platform to air suggestions, concerns and/or satisfaction with how things are run at Oak View Nursing Home.

  • Metting adjourned.

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